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Panes (2020) by Mari Andrews

Emeryville, CA

October 23 – November 20, 2024

Mari Andrews (she/her) is a visual artist who takes inspiration from her home in the Bay Area. During her nature walks, Andrews sources a range of materials for her sculptures—which she refers to as “three-dimensional drawings.” Constructed of wire, mica, lead, and natural materials, Andrews composes delicate pieces that fuse contrasting mediums. The subsequent sculptures can exist individually or be combined within a larger group.   

Andrews obtained her BFA at the University of Dayton, Ohio. She went on to get her MFA from Otis Art Institute of Parson’s School of Design in Los Angeles, California. She has been featured in a variety of group and solo exhibitions, recently being featured solo at The Cold Press in London, in the United Kingdom, and the Monterey Art Museum in Monterey, California in 2020 and 2019 respectively. More information: