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The James Castle House creates videos to promote, educate, and capture our programs for visitors near and far to enjoy. For the full suite of video content, check out the James Castle House YouTube page.

In partnership with Historic Artists' Homes and Studios, the James Castle House hosted a virtual road trip across the United States to explore six unique historic artist homes and studios during Summer 2021.

Andrea Merrell, guest curator for the exhibition Ways of Knowing, has spent over two decades investigating Castle and his art, discovering countless connections between Castle’s seemingly disparate works, approaches, and material choices.

In this presentation, she shares some of those discoveries and discusses what working with Castle's art has taught her.

After three and a half years of researching, documenting, constructing, and preserving the spaces of American artist, James Castle, the doors to his reimagined house opened to share his creative legacy. 

Explore the James Castle House through this six-part, self-guided video tour. View Parts 2-6 exclusively in the James Castle House gallery.

Each video is delivered in American Sign Language (ASL) and includes a voiceover. Closed Captions are available. 

Over the course of four days 3,000 visitors from around the nation gathered in Boise, Idaho to learn about American artist, James Castle and his house, which opened to the public in April 2018. Tours, film screenings, and a symposium kicked off this four-day celebration.

This rendering of Christmas carolers is an example of Castle’s color works. This vibrant and cheerful piece appeared in our 2019-2020 exhibition Flip|Side, which paired twelve original artworks and twelve facsimiles, allowing both sides of each piece to be viewed simultaneously.